The Stealing of the Irish Crown Jewels: an unsolved crime – Kindle

An audacious crime with an astonishing outcome. Scandal, murder, blackmail and political intrigue in 1907.





Mr. Parnell’s Rottweiler: Censorship and the United Ireland newspaper, 1881-91 

An account of the short-ish career of a newspaper established by the Land League in 1881 under the editorship of William O’Brien, which became the scourge of the British government (Liberal and Tory) and the most vociferous champion of Parnellism when that movement was in its pomp. United Ireland was subject to a variety of forms of censorship.

The book also explores the darker side of United Ireland and the threat the newspaper  itself posed to freedom of speech.




If you want to know who we are – 100 years of the Rathmines and Rathgar Musical Society.

Tracing the history of the most successful musical society in the country, from its origins just before the 1913 Lockout to its April, 2013 production of Hello Dolly!, starring Rebecca Storm, at the Gaiety Theatre.

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The Captain and the King: William O’Shea, Parnell and Early Victorian Ireland – New Island books – 2009

A biography of one of the most reviled figures in modern Irish history. O’Shea was the husband of Katharine O’Shea and his divorce suit in 1889/90 effectively ended Parnell’s career as leader of the Irish Parliamentary Party. Although he was an egotistical self-serving careerist, a bully, and a philanderer his career offers a fascinating insight into the politics of late Victorian Ireland and the hubris that led to the downfall of Parnell.

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Conspiracy: Irish political trials – Royal Irish Academy – 2009

An examination of 120 years of ‘political trials’, from the Emmet rebellion of 1803, via the Maamtrasna massacre and the Phoenix Park Murders to the courts martial of Easter, 1916.

Royal Irish Academy here here


How the Irish won the West – New Island Books (Dublin) – 2007 – Skyhorse (New York) 2011

An account of some of the extraordinary Irish emigrants (Thomas Fitzpatrick, Nellie Cashman, William Brady, James Reed) who leap-frogged the eastern cities of the USA and sought fame and fortune in the newly emerging American West.

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Irish voices from the Great War – Irish Academic Press – 1995

First hand accounts of some of the crucial engagements of the Great War (the Somme, Gallipoli, Messines, 3rd Ypres) from the point of view of Irish veterans.

Irish Academic Press here here

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