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As part of the Gallipoli centenary commemorations in Kells, Co.Meath – co-sponsored by the Hay/Kells Festival and RTE Radio 1’s The History Show – a day-long conference for the general public on Saturday 25 April, The first draft of history? Journalism and poetry in the Great War, will examine the nature of truth and propaganda in World War 1.

The Gallipoli campaign was one of the few events of the war in which the extent of the mismanagement of the conflict was thoroughly reported by the British press.

The day will begin with an overview of the journalism of the war by History Show presenter Dr.Myles Dungan, followed by a similar overview of the poetry of the war – where essential truths did emerge – by poet and academic Dr.Nerys Williams of University College, Dublin.

Prof. Fran Brearton of Queen’s University, Belfast will assess the Irish poetry of the war, Dr.Heather Jones of the London School of Economics will discuss the newspapers produced by soldiers themselves in the trenches, Dr. John Borgonovo of University College, Cork will look at contemporary correspondence from soldiers at the front to the Cork Examiner, Dr.Jennifer Wellington of University College, Dublin will examine how the war was reported in Australia and Mark Duncan will make a similar assessment of its treatment in Irish newspapers between 1914-18.

The weekend will also include the inaugural Francis Ledwidge Memorial Lecture to be given by Philip Orr on Friday 24 April, a day of talks on Ireland and Gallipoli on Sunday 26 April and a concert of WW1 music and anti-WW1 songs from Declan O’Rourke at 8.00 on Saturdat 25 April.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONSULT THE RTE RADIO 1 HISTORY SHOW WEBSITE – http://www.rte.ie/radio1/the-history-show/

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